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7th IES Congress: in Spain!

September 25th-29th 2019 – Arenas de San Pedro, Avila.

We are nature!
Celebration life and good living

 Ecopsychology notes that much unnecessary suffering (in people and on the planet) comes from the separation that Homo sapiens have established with Nature– with our mother.

In the words of Fritjof Capra: “We live a crisis of perception, we perceive ourselves separated”. The separation of nature produces disorientation, isolation and loss of power in humans and a utilitarian and hostile treatment towards mother earth.

Ecopsychology arises to help the human being to remember something very obvious and paramount, that we are Nature and we are part of her, that is, we are subject to natural laws and we are connected with all forms of life. This forgotten information is encoded in the “ecological unconscious”.

Psychology needs to incorporate this new concept of “ecological unconscious” in the map of the psyche. As Theodore Roszak said: “The basis of the mind is the ecological unconscious, which if repressed, can lead to a deranged treatment of the nature”.

When we awaken the ecological unconscious, biophilia awakens, the senses are sharpened, the personal power-vitality, creativity, joy of living-is enhanced, and we recover the consciousness of being nature, being part, being one.

When we awaken the ecological unconscious, we recover the hope of a sustainable and joyful life on planet Earth, for current and future generations.

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