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We are nature!
Celebration of life and good living“buen vivir”

Announcing the 7th IES Congress: in Spain!

September 25th-29th 2019 – Arenas de San Pedro, Avila.

How can we return to the identity of being nature and take part in the web of life?

How can we reconnect with nature in order to reestablish roots, grow emotional strength and increase joy in living?

What are the cultures that celebrate life and good living, and what wisdom do they provide us?

We have forgotten that “we are nature” and this fact causes rootlessness, emotional weakness and unnecessary suffering in human beings as well as the mistreatment towards other living species and the planet. Ecopsychology states that the source of this suffering comes from the separation that we, the homo sapiens, have established from Mother Nature over time.

Ecopsychology emerges to help human beings to recall “our essence”: That we are nature and that we are a part of; that we are subject to natural laws and also connected to all forms of life. This forgotten information called “the Wisdom of Life” is encoded in the “ecological unconscious”, and psychology needs to incorporate this concept to the map of the psyche.

In Theodore Roszak’s words: “The base of the mind is the ecological unconscious. When it is repressed, it could lead to a sick treatment of nature”.

When we experience ‘being part’ of nature, our innate biophilia (affinity with life) spontaneously activates, which leads us to take care of life, create and celebrate. Honoring the cycles of nature reinforces this feeling of belonging, brings cohesion and translates into the joy of harmonious living.

Themes for proposals for the 7th IES Congress:

Re-connection with nature to recover the roots and emotional strength emphasizing the experiential and in immersion with nature.

Re-connection with the knowledge of our indigenous cultures of the South of Europe, the Cultures of Celebration of Life with their values of:

  • Taking care and creating
  • Sharing and cooperating
  • Celebrating vital life cycles with creativity, art and joy.

We are inspired by the cosmological vision of the ancestral world of the “Buen Vivir” of many indigenous populations of South America and Central America such as Quechua, Guarani, Mapuche, Maya, etc. and of cultures, both past and present, whose lifestyle is in harmony with natural laws and therefore sustainable.

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