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Zahra Indigo Rønlov

Zahra Indigo is a sacred witness to the unfolding beauty and mystery of this existence. With an endless entrepreneurial spirit, she is the owner/operator of Sacred Witness LLC and Mysteries of Egypt, LLC, and has just recently initiated and is developing Khemenu Wisdom Center and Truthouse Press International LLC. Additionally, she is deeply honored to be in service as executive assistant to Jyoti Ma and The Fountain. Zahra Indigo received her master's degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University and is dedicated to helping us remember that we are all a part of our precious planetary body. She is a Minister of Walking Prayer with the Center for Sacred Studies and a priestess dedicated to serving Ma'at, Egyptian goddess of cosmic order, justice, and harmony. She is committed to seeking and personifying Truth in whatever way she can perceive it. It is her intention to live life in service to the health of our planet and all who reside here, and in this she has discovered something quite profound and rewarding.

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