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Clinical and Health Psychologist; Existential Psychoterapist; Focusing Trainer; Founder and Director of ALMA GAIA - Psychoterapy, Nature & Community. Working on a Nursery Home for Elderly and coordenating ALMA GAIA. 39 years old, molther, older sister, Nature lover and protector, Love Art expressions, Simplicity, and the Sacredness in Nature and Human Relationships. ALMA GAIA it's a project running in Serra da Arrábida/ Palmela - Portugal, on a Cooperative for the Ecological and Economical Sustainability (@Biovilla Sustentabilidade). There we have our services all informed by the Ecopsychology and Ecopsychotherapy: Psychoterapy Sessions on Nature (Outdoor & Indoor), Focusing Sessions on Nature, and Workshops following the Celtic Whell of the Year). This project has a strong base on the area of environmental activism & mental health.

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