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Claudio Antonio Pereira

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Doctor in Communication, Social Change and Development of the Complutense University of Madrid. Spain. Master in Anthropology and Development. University of Chile and Psychologist at the University of Valparaíso. Psychotherapist and Primal Dance Teacher certified by the School of Transpersonal Integral Psychology. Academic of the Department of Social Sciences of the University of Antofagasta. Ecopsychologist, Coach and Facilitator of Transformation Processes from a Regenerative approach. Specialized in Transpersonal Integral Psychology and Psychodrama for the facilitation of groups. Presents Research Lines in the fields of Ecopsychology, Regenerative Cultures and Social Psychology. Co-founder Koru Transformation and coordinator in Chile of the International Ecosystem Facilitation Diploma (DIFE) in Gaia U Latina. Representative in Chile of the International Ecopsychology Society. Director of the Chilean Institute of Permaculture. Specialized mentor GAIA University. Member of the team of the International Program in Ecovillage Design (EDE) of GAIA Education (UNESCO) and Ecoescuela El Manzano.