IES 2021 International Online Seminar

Next IES International Online Seminar,
“Applied Ecopsychology for Earth Citizenship”.
18 and 19 September 2021

When the desire to meet and share is so great, magic and technology intertwine and it becomes possible to challenge space and time and make appointments, all together, in a single virtual realm, in a single hour, which is a different time for each one.

This is a call that makes the heart of each one of us sing. Ecopsychology calls us from outside, inviting us to this unique international online seminar and ecopsychology also calls us from within, from those depths in which our personal history merges with the history of the world we are part of.

If you are reading this newsletter it is because you have also heard the call, it is because you feel that you have the desire and the possibility to leave your powerful mark in this moment of transformation. From many small ‘egos encapsulated in the skin’, we are beginning to recognize ourselves as ‘leaves of the same tree’, neurons of the same global mind. Our role here on Earth is to make life evolve at levels of increasing complexity, recognising and honoring the interdependence that binds us as human beings to the Earth’s ecosystem.

Planetary citizenship is, therefore, the evolutionary challenge that ecopsychology made its own, and ecotuners are facilitators of the awakening of a latent consciousness that from the depths of the ecological unconscious is transformed into practical, joyful, and attractive activities, to expand the internal and external horizons of society, engaging as many people as possible. Today more than ever it is necessary to build an applied ecopsychology at the service of adapting life to environments of global crisis and planetary action.

The seminar will be a meeting place for IES associates to share practical experiences, theoretical reflections, workshops, round tables, ceremonies and multimedia posters on activities and projects that our associates are developing in their territories. In this particular opportunity, we are interested in focusing on applied ecopsychology, that is, on intervention experiences in the field of earth citizenship.

Being a Citizen of Earth can be defined as living in harmony with nature and being willing to work for the health and well-being of the planet and humanity, and as our shared responsibility as individuals who inhabit this planet.

Earth Citizenship invites people to take responsibility for the problems that are occurring around them or in the world and to take steps to solve them. The goal is to broaden our perspective, perceive Earth as a place where we belong, as our home, and act and live accordingly.

We will meet to share activities, paths, strategies, ideas and exercises that allow us to act as an ecotuner in different contexts and situations, with immense mutual enrichment. We hope to see you at our next webinar for all members on September 18th and 19th.


September 18 and 19, 2021:

“Applied Ecopsychology for Earth Citizenship”

International online conference for IES members.
Two of conferences, round tables and workshops on Ecopsychology and its practical application days.
From 4pm, Central European Time, to 11pm, in the virtual location in Brazil.
To participate, just join IES for 2021.


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