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7th International Conference of Ecopsychology 

Sept. 25-29, 2019

La Lobera de Gredos, Ávila, Spain

“Celebration of Life and Good Living”

How can we return to the identity of being nature and taking part in the web of life?
How can we reconnect with nature in order to retake roots and joy of living?
What knowledge do the “Cultures of Celebration of Life and Good Living” bring us?

We have forgotten that we are nature and this fact causes rootlessness, emotional weakness and unnecessary suffering in human beings, as well as mistreatment towards other living species.

Ecopsychology states that the source of this suffering comes from the separation that we, the homo sapiens, have established from Mother Nature. Ecopsycology helps human beings to recall “our essence”: that we are nature and that we are only a part of the whole; that we are subject to natural laws and also connected to all forms of life. This forgotten information called “the Wisdom of Life” is encoded in the “ecological unconscious” and psychology needs to incorporate this concept to the map of the psyche. In Theodore Roszak’s words: “The basis of the mind is the ecological unconscious, which if repressed, can lead to a deranged treatment of nature”.

What we have found out is that when we experience taking part of nature, a natural feeling of “biophilia” is activated and leads us to take care of life, create and celebrate.

Cartel Congreso

To sum up the proposed contents:

  • Reconnection with nature to recover the roots and emotional strength with an emphasis on the experiential and the immersion in nature.
  • Reconnection with the knowledge of our indigenous peoples of southern Europe, the Cultures of the Celebration of Life, with its values ​​of: caring and creating, sharing and collaborating and celebrating life cycles with art and joy.
  • Inspiration in the ancestral worldview of the “Good Living” of many indigenous peoples in South America and Central America, such as Quechua, Guarani, Mapuche, Mayan, etc. and cultures, both past and present, whose way of living is in harmony with natural laws and therefore, sustainable.


  • To publicize Ecopsychology at an international level and the “Spanish School of Ecopsychology of Spain” at a national level.
  • To create a space where it is possible to share the different studies based on theoretical and practical ecopsychology.
  • To advance in the research, innovation, evolution and cohesion of this discipline.
  • To collaborate in the care of the land.
  • To consolidate of an international collaborative network.

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