National Representatives

Some of the IES representatives at the 2017 Uruguay Congress and candidates for 2019.

Within the International Ecopsychology Society – IES there is a network of active professionals who, after having participated for at least two years in an associative capacity, have been invited and accepted to take on the role of Representative of the Association in their respective country, to promote and grow the field of Ecopsychology.

National representatives are intermediaries between IES and the associative, academic and research initiatives of their country. They create and coordinate initiatives related to Ecopsychology and create harmonious connections locally. They can organize courses, seminars and events under the patronage of IES. If they attend the training in Applied Ecopsychology recognized by IES, in time, they can open an IES School, coordinated with the other IES Schools in the international network.

In this way, IES seeks to foster the widespread dissemination of Ecopsychology and its possible applications in different areas of civil society, creating an international network of support, exchange and collaboration between professionals of Ecopsychology.

These are the founders and the National Representatives 2018.

Jorge Conesa Sevilla
EES Founder (now IES)

Ashland, Wisconsin – USA

Marcella Danon
EES Founder – IES representative of Italy

Osnago, Lecco – Italy

Teresita Dominguez
IES representative of Uruguay

Maldonado, Ponta el Este – Uruguay

Kleio Apostolaki
IES representative of Greece

Chania, Crete – Greece

Flor Yolanda Roura Morales
IES representative of Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico – Mexico

Ezequiel Alvarez Vega
IES representative of Argentina

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Enrique Repiso and Luz Dominguez
IES representatives of Spain

Arenas de San Pedro, Avila – Spain

Yolanda Burgos
IES representative of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Geoff Berry
IES representative of Australia

New South Wales – Australia

Marco Aurelio Bilibio
IES representative of Brasil

Brasilia – Brasil

Claudio Antonio Pereira
IES representative of Chile

Antofagasta – Chile

Andrea Marais-Potgieter
IES representative of South Africa

Cape Town – South Africa

New candidates for 2019

Tina Fields, PhD                                                           and Julianne Skai Arbor, MA, MS                                 IES representatives of USA –                                          Colorado and California – USA

Estuardo Martín Yacolca Melliz
and Alejandra Small Carmona

IES representative of Perù


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