IES Training

IES Training 2017 in Chile

IES Training is a basic training, theoretical and practical, in Applied Ecopsychology, which allows to acquire the qualification of Ecotuner, facilitator of the relationship with nature.

This training is also designed for those who wish to develop a personal or institutional project based on sustainable ideals.

It is called “IES Training” because it is recognized by the International IES – International Ecopsychology Society. The course was conceived and structured in 2009, as part of the second international conference of the then EES – European Ecopsychology Society.

Today it is organized in its complete version in Italy, Uruguay, Spain and Chile. Individual modules are proposed by the schools of Greece, Brazil, Argentina and Peru. By attending a seminar in one of the IES schools, you acquire credits to complete the training also in another twin IES School.

The Ecotuner diploma received in an IES School allows the immediate registration to the Professional Register of Ecotuner (IRoE).

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IES Training in practice