IES conferences are held every two years in a different bioregion. The first conference was held in Italy in 2006 under the initial title of our society as European Ecopsychology Society – EES. The success of this gathering, besides the opportunity of introducing EES to the world, was the beginning of the representations in different countries starting with Uruguay and Greece.

The next conferences have not only grown in passion for a shared vision but also in the expansion of the number of people and professionals who want to be part and expand Ecopsychology in their professional development and countries.

The unique features of the all the conferences are that they are organized in significant places in nature, honoring each bioregion both ecologically and culturally, and each have different and inspired agenda of topics. These, along with a lot of experiential workshops, warm atmosphere, enthusiasm and connectivity beyond any strict scientific way of exchanging knowledge and experience, led the continuous incorporation of countries around the world to our Society.

2015, was the time of the transformation of European Ecopsychology Society – EES into International Ecopsychology Society – IES.

9th International Ecopsychology Conference
20 – 24 September 2023
Is Arenas (Oristano) – Sardinia ITALY



Join us for 2023 Conference, 20-24 September 2023!
Italy 2023