History of IES

1° International EES Congres in Lignan, Valle d’Aosta, September 2006

International Ecopsychology Society – IES is a non-profit association that brings together professionals from different fields, committed to personal, relational and environmental awareness. In 2017 it replaced the existing European Ecopsychology Society – EES due to the need to include more non-European countries and its global expansion of its charters and activities.

European Ecopsychology Society – EES – was founded in 2005 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, by a group of psychologists and counselors, after a first informal meeting in Perego (Lc) Italy, with Jorge Conesa Sevilla, and the Italian group of the Scuola di Ecopsicologia.

EES’s first president was Jorge Conesa Sevilla and the first active charter was Italy under the direction of the psychologist Marcella Danon. After the first EES international congress, in 2006 – “We are the Earth”, Saint Barthelemy, Aosta Valley , Italy – two more charters were created: Uruguay, directed by the Jungian psychotherapist Teresita Dominguez, and Greece, directed by the dynamic psychotherapist Kleio Apostolaki. In 2007, Jorge Conesa Sevilla went back to USA and created an EES seat in Wisconsin and in 2008, Mexico joined EES, with Flor Roura Morales.

EES’s second international conference in 2009, “Networking Planet,” gathered in Cerva (Valsesia), Italy. At that meeting, Marcella Danon became EES’s president. The USA charter moved to Hawaii. In 2010, a group of psychologists from Spain came to Italy for the EES Training and Luz Dominguez and Enrique Repiso became EES Spain charters.
At the fourth International EES Congress held in Big Island Hawaii in September 2013; Australia, with Geoffrey Berry, Argentina with Ezequiel Alvarez Vega  and Puerto Rico, with Yolanda Burgos all joined EES and Teresita Dominguez became EES President.

In April 2014 Brasil, with Marco Aurelio Bilibio, joined EES and in November 2014 Chile was added, with Claudio Antonio Pereira. The international growth of EES continued in the 5th International conference of Ecopsychology in 2015 in Crete, Greece -“ New Perspectives in Psychology for a Changing Planet”.  In 2016 the IES headquarters moved from Neuchâtel to Chiasso which is next to the Italian border in Via Valdani. In 2017 followed the 6th International Conference in Ecopsychology in Lavalleja, Uruguay “Biophilia and Ancestral Memory”. At this conference South Africa joined as an IES Charter, with Andrea Marais-Potgieter and Kleio Apostolaki became president.  In 2018 IES became a Professional Association of Ecotuners, professionals of Applied Ecopsychology. In the IES conference, in Spain in 2019, Marco Aurelio Bilibio become president and Colombia with Marian Rios, Belgium with Ann Sterckx and Hungary with Zselyke Molnos joined IES.

The next conference would be in 2021 in Brazil, and was canceled due to the pandemic and the chaos prevailing in the world at this time, in its place the 8th IES Online Congress was held: “Applied Ecopsychology for Terrestrial Citizenship” in September 2021 , organized by the Brazil team, and enters the IES, Portugal with Cláudia Rodrigues.

And in September 2023 we meet in beautiful Sardinia, for the 9th International Ecopsychology Conference: SUSENTIDO, organized by the IES Italia team. In this conference the IES is joined by Peru with Estuardo Martín Yacolca Melliz, India with Chitra Lakhera, Israel with Lia Naor, Holland with Bianca von Overmeeren
and Ximena Piastri, from Uruguay, replaced our Teresita Dominguez. Leaving a total of 20 countries with IES representation in the world. At this conference, IES Marian Rios of Colombia assumes the presidency.

IES PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY: Honoring the roots:

Jorge Conesa Sevilla (USA) EES President 2005 – 2009
Marcella Danon (Italy). EES President 2009 – 2013
Teresita Dominguez (Uruguay). EES President 2013-2015
Kleio Apostolaki (Greece). IES President 2017 – 2019
Marco Aurelio Bilibio (Brazil). IES President 2019 – 2023
Marian Rios (Colombia). IES President 2023-2025


September 2023 at the 9th International Ecopsychology Conference: SUSENTIDO, organized by the IES Italia team.

September 2019. Spain. Enrique Repiso and Luz Domínguez (Spain), Teresita Domínguez (Uruguay), Yolanda Burgos (Puerto Rico), Tina Fields (USA), Flor Roura (Mexico), Claudio Antonio Pereira (Chile), Marian Rios (Colombia), Kleio Apostolaki ( Greece), Andrea Marais (South Africa), Marcella Danon (Italy), Claudia Rodrigues (Potugal), Ezequiel Alvarez Vega (Argentina), Marco Aurelio Bilibio (Brazil), Ann Sterckx (Belgium), Zselyke Molnos (Hungary).

September 2015 – Amari, Crete,  Greece – Fifth EES Congress – Deciding to become IES!
Marcella Danon (Italy), Marco Aurelio Bilibio (Brasil), Teresita Dominguez (Uruguay), Ezequiel Alvarez Vega (Argentina), Claudio Antonio Pereira (Chile), Enrique Repiso and Luz Dominguez (Spain), Kleio Apostolaki (Greece).

January 2006 – Lignan, Valle d’Aosta,  Italia – Preparing the first EES Congress
EES Founders: Marcella Danon, Mario Lorenzetti, Bruno Gentili, Jorge Conesa, Lea Carlotta Boratto, (next picture, right side) Velleda Rio, Renzo Rossin.

September 2006 – Lignan, Valle d’Aosta,  Italia – first EES Congress
Teresita Dominguez, Jorge Conesa, Marcella Danon (left side) and Kleio Apostolaki (middle): the first 4 national EES representants: Uruguay, Usa, Italy and Greece.

Also founder, Cinthia Brunold Conesa, here with Jorge Conesa and Mario Lorenzetti – Lignan Observatory (Saint Barthelemy – Aosta Valley).


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