In the last paragraph of the essay Think like a mountain, the American naturalist Ald Leopold (1887-1948), explains  how “we all strive for security, prosperity, comfort, a life as long and tasteless as possible. (…) Some degree of success in achieving this goal is fine, and perhaps a prerequisite for missing thought, but too much security seems to be nothing but danger in long-term. ”

puig campana-Fienstrat

I live at the foot of the Puig Campana and this quote from Ald Leopold has inspired me to imagine how a mountain thinks. Because she is far from seeking security, comfort and success, she is rooted in the earth, she feels with the trees, the plants, the animals, the humans that transit. And she has her gaze on the horizon. From the top you can see the beauty, with all the senses, of the encounter between the sea, the sky and the earth.

In these moments of CHAOS and confusion due to so much information at our disposal, largely manipulated, I want to think like the mountain.

I imagine that I am at the top of the mountain, from there I see everything. I imagine that I am the mountain, I feel my feet melt into the depths, like the Puig Campana, which is a classic geological outcrop from Pre Betic, from the time of the dinosaurs.

I am a mountain, I carry the memory of the dinosaurs and the waters that collected from the sky run through my aquifers. I think like a mountain, meditating on the silence that from my dolphin brain that unites body, mind and heart … or earth, vegetation and animal consciousness of the eagle, the rabbit, the human being …

When I meditate I observe body, mind and heart, giving me the opportunity to integrate the experience, from or with the conscience of my inner witness that aided by my dolphin brain, the fourth brain that is activated in silence as identified by Claudio Naranjo, has been trained to perceive the whole from a center. The center of the Being, perhaps.

All the information, all the logical and partial discourses, all the emotions generated by confinement and confusion, are diluted in the red neuronal when I meditate. For, schizophrenia is born, understanding; love arises for life as it is. “The unconditional love that the mountain offers as an attentive and vigilant mother taking care of her offspring.”

Closing this “confined” reflection in the times we live in, I end with a quote by Thoreau to highlight the urgency of the moment to generate awareness and coherence in the defense of life.

“Virgin nature is what preserves the world”, because only from the restoration of nature that we are, inside and outside, can we maintain life. Otherwise life will dispense with this species, the human one, which seems to be in danger of extinction ”

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