EcoTuning is the art of tuning into Nature.  It is based on the dimension of belonging, sharing and creating a connection that has characterized, and still characterizes, native cultures and the culture of connection that has been gradually lost during last two centuries of modernity, especially with increased urbanization.

EcoTuning is the facilitation of the relationship with this forgotten Nature; it is a set of activities and practices that create the conditions for reconstructing a dialogue with nature in the physical natural environment – as well as with with our nature inside, including the complexity and richness of our inner world.

In exploring and enhancing the beauty and the preciousness of the wilderness within the biosphere, the EcoTuning process promotes greater sensitivity and presence applicable also to the wide spaces of our most authentic nature, often unknown or neglected. In this way, the work that reconnects us to nature outside has a powerful impact on the relationship with our nature inside. And vice versa.

With this dual objective of exterior and interior connection, the EcoTuning activities favor:

  • awakening of the 5 senses
  • attention and listening
  • training for the expression of one’s own feeling
  • mental openness and active thought
  • presence to oneself and to others
  • enhancement and expression of their talents
  • awareness of personal power and impact on the world
  • activation of creativity
  • awakening of the innate Biophilia
  • sense of sharing with the terrestrial ecosystem
  • sense of individual responsibility and of species
  • preparation for collaboration and co-creation
  • ecological sensitivity and practice of conscious consumption
  • commitment in the local and / or global community, each according to his sensitivity and possibility.

Game for the presentation of groups – representing an animal – at the 3rd International Conference in Valmasino (Italy), September 2011

The word Ecopsychology seems to refer to a specific profession, that of the psychologist, but its application is very broad and goes beyond the limits of this single field of action. EcoTuning was born as a practical application of the principles of Ecopsychology even in all those areas not necessarily linked to strictly therapeutic objectives, which are reserved only for professionals.

EcoTuning can be practiced by professionals from all backgrounds who followed  appropriate training on the theory and, above all, the practice of the principles of Ecopsychology. They are invited to integrate their professional principles or to implement a specific professionalism as facilitators of the relationship with the nature which can be done through various lenses such as education, recreation, tourism and community.

The professional potential of the EcoTuner goes even further and finds application in the social and organizational field. Whenever it is necessary to facilitate a qualitative leap from the point of view of self-perception and to awaken involvement and belonging to a wider ecosystem – working group, neighborhood, ethnicity, nation, Planet Earth – there is room for the activity of an Ecotuner, who is also a facilitator of the consolidation of terrestrial identity and ecological citizenship.

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