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20>24 SEPTEMBER 2023

We will embrace, after 4 years, on the shores of the Mediterranean, for the 9th international conference of Ecopsychology, in an ancient land where the cult of the Mother Goddess has left footprints still visible in the landscape architecture. Ecopsychologists and ecotuners, from more than 20 nations, will allow us to deepen and share how Ecopsychology accompanies us to rediscover and make re-discover the sense of the sacred in Nature and with Nature.

Su sentidu, in Sardinian language, means “what I feel deeply”, it refers to our ability to open ourselves, with the five senses, and beyond, to grasp the immensity and complexity of what surrounds us, of which we are a part. A precious inner function to tap into for responsible and inspired action on Earth.


Ecopsychology, Psychology and Ecology professionals from 10 different nations meet to share their commitment, research and activity in promoting a broader view of the human being as part of the evolving life process and to facilitate the passage from an anthropocentric to an econcentric vision, in which the laws of life become a guide in the art of living well… together. For the conferences there will be simultaneous translation.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Marco Aurélio Bilibio Carvalho

IES BRAZIL Clinical ecopsychologist and PhD in sustainability, IES president


IES ITALY Organizational ecopsychologist, IES co-founder

GUEST SPEAKER Giuseppe Barbiero

ITALY Biologist - Laboratorio di Ecologia Affettiva, Università della Valle d’Aosta

Lia Naor

IES ISRAEL Nature therapist, researcher in the human development department at the University of Haifa

Claudio Antonio Pereira Salazar

IES CHILE Ecopsychologist, PhD in communication, social transformation and development

Flor Yolanda Roura Morales

IES MEXICO Ecopsychologist, Master in development of human potential, specializing in Logotherapy

Teresita Domínguez

IES URUGUAY Ecopsychotherapist specializing in native cultures

Marian Rios

IES COLOMBIA Transpersonal ecopsychotherapist, specializing in social anthropology

Claudia Rodrigues

IES PORTUGAL Existential Psychotherapist and Clinical Health Psychologist

Zselyke Molnos

IES HUNGARY Doctoral School of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University - ELTE Institute of People-Environment Tranzaction

Geoff Berry

IES AUSTRALIA PhD in Ecoliteracy, mythologist, Zen practitioner and translator of wisdom traditions including Aboriginal

Silvia Mongili

IES ITALY - Conference Scientific Committee | Ecotuner, Green Coach, PhD in Training Quality


Enveloped by the scent of pine trees and the Mediterranean scrub, pampered by the breeze and the sounds of the sea, Ecotuners from all over the world will accompany us to live experiences in Nature, with Nature: creative activities, meditations, dance, thematic groups for meetings and exchanges , green mindfulness and many other personal and professional growth activities. You can choose between workshops in Italian, Spanish and English. They will all be repeated twice and you can participate in those most relevant to your interests.

Camping Bella Sardinia - Is Arenas

Ancient land, where the power and vitality of Mother Earth is still felt. We will find ourselves facing the sea immersed in the pine forest of Is Arenas, on the central western coast of Sardinia, a few kilometers from Oristano. Sea, nuraghi, uncontaminated landscapes. An island in the heart of the Mediterranean with countless opportunities for excursions and archaeological visits even a short distance from the conference venue. An opportunity not to be missed, to feel the breath of lost civilizations that still resonates in these places.

Camping Bella Sardinia will welcome us, with multiple and varied accommodations set among the trees and immersed in the scent of pine. Everyone can choose between different types of accommodation. We will have a restaurant, a bar in the forest and a bar by the sea, a swimming pool, a bowling green, an archery platform and a well-equipped minimarket, bike, scooter and surfboard rental.

4 types of accommodation available without private bathroom: TENDA, BARRIQUE, SUITE, DOME with 1 double bed and single beds to comfortably accommodate up to 3 people. Inside you will find kitchen utensils and outside a small refrigerator. Linen, towels and bed linen, and daily cleaning service are included. The toilets are shared, located a short distance away.

2 types of accommodation available, equipped with private bathroom, consisting of 1 double bedroom and single beds to comfortably accommodate up to 3 people, bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. Kitchen equipped with refrigerator. Safe and air conditioning. Covered veranda with table and chairs. Linen, towels and bed linen, and daily cleaning service are included.

Meals will be vegetarian with the prevalent use of local products. Participation in the conference includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), from dinner on Wednesday 20 to lunch on Sunday 24.


Participation is limited to 180 members – Registration deadline May 30, 2023 IES MEMBER reduction €.50.00 ↓↓↓↓↓↓ PARTICIPATION INFO AND FEES


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