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The Association aims to deepen, disseminate and promote Ecopsychology and its applications in various professional fields. IES works towards connect professionals who already work in the field of Ecopsychology or people from other professional fields who want to align their work with the care of life and the planet; who want to facilitate the reconnection between human beings and nature; and who desire to promote healthy lifestyles from a psychological, spiritual and ecological point of view, in harmonious interaction with the natural world.

All those who share the vision and mission of IES can enroll in the Association and enter the international community of exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of Ecopsychology and, above all, of its application in various professional fields.

IES provides different types of associations:

What are the different IES membership levels

Affiliated Members, who share the vision and values ​​of Ecopsychology:

  • Ecoally:anyone who shares the vision and mission of Ecopsychology, professionals and students in general. ♦ €40 annual
  • IES students: people who are studying to be ecotuners in some IES school ♦ €00 for 2 years from your start at the IES school.
  • Honorary members: pioneers of Ecopsychology, or professionals, to whom the IES Board Committee has granted this qualification. Your annual contribution is voluntary.

Accredited Members, enrolled in the “International Ecotuner Register – IRoE”):

  • Ecotuner: who has acquired the status of Ecotuner in an IES School or who, after having presented the candidacy to IES Board, has been recognized for their training and experience in the exercise of Ecopsychology, equivalent to the Ecotuner. €70 annual

If you are an Ecopsychology professional but you have not been trained in an IES School, you can register first as Ecoally, then review the requirements for IES recognition of your theoretical and practical preparation in Ecotuning and contact the IES Secretary to verify if you can be recognized as Ecotuner.

  • National Representatives (Charter): psychologists with the requirements required by IES to represent IES in their country of origin ♦ €100 annual
  • Ecotuner in Reciprocity: If you are a certified Ecotuner but cannot pay the expected fee initially, because you are from a country with high inflation, or you simply do not have a solid financial position at the moment, you can still be part of IES.  You can choose a payment from €10 and we can agree on reciprocity options: within IES we have many tasks to perform, for example we need support for translations, in network design and management, in administrative tasks, in research, in management of the digital ecosystem, etc. If this is your case, write to us at and tell us your motivation for belonging to IES and the reciprocity options that you think are relevant. We will be contacting you.

    You have the same benefits of the Ecotuner

Yes, I want to become a member and become part of IES!

Before completing the form and paying your fee, make sure you meet the requirements.



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