2019 Conference in Sierra de Gredos – Spain

Join this international network of people who want to contribute to an ecocentric culture, in which the human being is recognized as an active part of a complex ecosystem, the Planet Earth. Your contribution is important!

You have a large margin of power, both as a human being, and as being unique and with your peculiarity, professionalism and predisposition. Choose to find your place and your margin of action. Engage as an evolving Earthling– the world needs you! Become an IES member, become an Ecoalleate.

Being Ecoalleate, means:
• cultivating ecological relationships, based on listening and mutual respect
• awaken and empower one’s own and others’ innate affectivity towards life (biophilia)
• cultivate models and visions that enhance the great influence we have towards the realities of which we are a part
• practice conscious consumption and promote sustainability
• act in your local, personal and professional reality, with your own way, means and timing, to facilitate the process of consolidation of a wider terrestrial identity.


Everyone can become an affiliate IES member, an ECOALLY
Everyone can support the vision and mission of the association, and become promoter, in his private and professional life, of a greater awareness of our close interdependence with Nature, with the network of life as a whole.

What are the advantages of becoming an Ecoally?

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IES Students can become affiliated IES members, as IES STUDENT
People who are studying to be ecotuners in some IES school.


What are the advantages of becoming an IES Student?

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The ECOTUNER graduated from an IES School can become accredited IES members
Who has acquired the Ecotuner qualification, after a training in an IES School, sends the request and enters the “Professional Register of Ecotuner” (IRoE).

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What are the advantages of becoming an Ecotuner

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ECOPSYCHOLOGY PROFESSIONALS can join as Ecoally and apply to become accredited IES members and acquire the Ecotuner qualification
If you already have an equivalent education and / or a consolidated experience in the theory and practice of Ecopsychology, you can register first as an affiliate (Ecoally) and then be certified as Ecotuner and integrate the fee to enter the “Ecotuner Professional Register” of IES.

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Ecopsychology professionals and Ecotuner can apply to become a NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE in countries not yet represented by IES.

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The membership fee is valid for one calendar year and expires on December 31 of the current year. Renewal must be carried out from January to March of each new year. With non-renewal, the expected benefits and presence on the board of directors expire.

2015 Conference in Crete – Greece

 2009 Conference in Valsesia – Italy

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