In April 2003 we began a great adventure of transformation and learning with the Diploma in Regenerative Leadership, one of the components of the Regeneremos Coquimbo 2023 – 2024 , program financed by the Regional Government of Coquimbo and Certified by ERES Educational Corporation and Koru Transformación, Instituto de Ecopsicología Chile-Colombia.

Our inspiration has been incorporated into the technical and management teams an ecosystemic, multidimensional and territorialized perspective of sustainable development, from the paradigm of Regeneration.

The objective of the diploma is for participants to be able to lead territorial processes and strategies for Local Regenerative Development. To achieve this objective we have implemented a series of participatory and transformative learning methodologies, including the development of a resource platform in which students have access to theoretical material, bibliography, videos, study guides and a social network to interact among themselves. students. and program facilitators.

Among the students of the diploma there are educators, heritage professionals, health professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. The guiding teachers of the diploma are Marian Ríos and Claudio Pereira from Koru Transformación and accompanied by a great team of guest teachers expert allies and mentors.

Regenerative Leadership is a form of leadership that recognizes the interconnection of natural and human systems, and promotes values and actions that seek cooperation, social equality and the regeneration of life. This approach sees communities as an interactive and dynamic system, linked to their natural environment. This leadership requires a change in paradigms and the construction of ecosystemic thinking.

In June we finished the first component of the course, exploring the Triple Spiral of Regenerative Leadership: the Self Leadership Spiral, the Collective Leadership Spiral, and the Ecosystem Leadership Spiral.

In the Leadership Spiral of Being we work from the consciousness of Being Nature and it takes shape in the work with the Regenerative Leader Capacities, which develop and enable an exercise of leadership focused on people, cooperation and well-being. We have been based and inspired by Primordial Capacities (Taroppio), Theory U (Sharmer), Non-Violent Communication (Rosenberg) and Ecopsychology (Koru Transformation).

The Collective Leadership Spiral focuses on leadership driven by satisfying the collective needs of the Common Good. It is specified in the work with Group Processes, which allows the Leader to broaden his vision, be able to intervene and be from a new perception/action. Based on Group Patterns (Groupworks), Teal Organizations (Laloux), Conscious Enterprise (Kofman) and Dragon Dreaming (Croft and Elanta), Sociocracy.

The Ecosystem Leadership Spiral focuses on leadership driven by awareness of system interconnectedness and InterBeing narratives. It is expressed in principles and patterns of nature, which when perceived, understood and experienced by a leader, open the door to the emergence of emerging paradigms. We have been based on the basic principles of ecology (Capra), the Regenerative Paradigm (Regenesis Group, Bill Reed, Daniel Wahl, Ethan Roland, Gregory Landua), and the Ecopsychological approach.

Between July and September we were establishing our Regenerative Communities of Practice to organize ourselves as a team and investigate the territorial challenges of Regenerative Development. 4 communities of regenerative practices were established: CopR Water, CopR Soil, CopR Tourism and CopR Culture.

Currently, both officials and community leaders work collaboratively in each community, contributing from their knowledge and their role to the co-creation of the community. Participants display their knowledge of organization and structure, which allows clarity in purpose and action. Community leaders arrive with their motivation to do and move forward. As the communities are mixed, there is an interesting symbiosis of collaboration.

Later in the month of October participants will learn the Dragon Dreaming methodology for Project Design for Regenerative Development. We will be implementing technical work tables, specialized mentoring, in-person work sessions, online sessions, readings and review of educational material. Soon we will share more results and news from this great adventure of the Diploma in Regenerative Leadership.

We are very happy to raise the dreams of the CopR and accompany the communities of practice so that the regenerative dreams of the territory come true.

We leave you an image of the tree of dreams and the tribe of regenerative leaders of the Coquimbo Region of Chile.

Claudio Pereira & Marian Ríos



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