As part of the activities of the IES for our community of ecotuners, ecoallies and students, we have created OPEN SPACE (Open Space), a refuge place where we can feel, think and share about different topics of ecopsychology and our role in the awakening of the consciousness of being nature.

At this point we want to share the successful completion of the first phase of OPEN SPACES, with a deep Emotional Support process with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which took place on December 11, 2023, January 8 and 22 , and February 5, 2024. This beautiful process was facilitated by the psychotherapist and ecotuner Simona Luci from the School of Italy, and introduced by Belén Martín, psychologist and ecotuner from the School of Ecopsychology of Spain. In total, 33 people participated across the four sessions, with 12 of them consistently attending.

From the initial intervention of Belén Martín, who proposed a reflection on the resignification of death in our community, to the EMDR sessions with Simona Luci, the process addressed in a deep and compassionate way aspects related to exposure to trauma and emotional healing .

Belén Martín opened the first day with a crucial reflection on the resignification of death in our community, starting from the painful experience of the loss of our colleague Renata. How to reconcile the “naturalness” of death with the feeling of loss and pain? How can we find an integrative vision of death in our intercultural community that helps us feel united in the face of an event that deeply moves us? These questions were addressed from the perspective of acceptance and awareness, exploring new meanings and nuances about death that emerged from the shared reflections.

Subsequent sessions, guided by Simona Luci and focused on the EMDR technique, explored the variability in perception and reaction to trauma among participants. In one specific exercise, participants were asked to evaluate the disruption associated with remembering Renata’s death, providing valuable insight into the intensity of the emotional impact on the community.

The EMDR protocol was used in the process for groups on recent events, using bilateral stimulation to address disturbing memories. Each participant was guided to identify the most difficult part of the memory, express it through drawing and writing, and explore the associated thoughts and sensations. Guided attention and bilateral stimulation were essential to facilitate emotional relief.

In a later stage, participants were divided into groups to create meaningful sentences related to the keywords identified during the process. These groups allow for deeper exploration of emerging feelings and thoughts, fostering connection and mutual support.

The closing of the process was marked by the expression of positive thoughts and pleasant memories, evidencing the positive impact of the Emotional Support process with EMDR. The release of feelings of sadness, guilt and tiredness was palpable.

The process left tangible evidence, such as significant phrases from the work of resignifying death with Belén Martín and a powerful final affirmation from the EMDR process with Simona: “I am Mar, brave and capable of taking risks. I can listen to my feelings, see things from different perspectives and accept dangers and risks carefully.” Along with this collective construction, there was a reflection and discussion on post-traumatic growth and the learning that this event has brought to us.

We deeply thank Belén Martín and Simona Luci for their valuable contribution, as well as all the participants for their commitment and willingness during this healing process. This process has been an enriching experience that has allowed us to address and process our painful experiences in a guided and compassionate way.

OPEN SPACES will continue to take root in our IES community, with different themes that favor the creation of mycelium among us.

Thank you to all the people who participated:

Marian Ríos – President IES Sept 2023- Sept 2025

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