In 2021, IES will begin offering the opportunity to discuss ecopsychological topics with representatives and members from many countries across the globe. This is a place for sharing and dialogue that recognizes, and draws upon the great gift of membership in IES: potential for creating international connections and understanding.

The first Deep Conversation will take place on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 6 pm in Italy & Spain / 7 pm Greece & South Africa / 10 am Denver, Colorado, USA / 2 pm Brasil & Uruguay / 4 am Wednesday in Sydney, Australia (sorry! this part is hard!)

Participants in the January Conversation will be Andrea Marais-Potgeier (South Africa representative), Kleio Apostolaki (Greece rep.), Marco Aurelio Bilibio (Brazil rep.), Julianne Skai Arbor (USA co-rep.), and any IES members who wish to join in… hopefully including you! You are also welcome to just come and listen. Tina Fields (USA co-rep.) will serve as host and moderator, Teresita Dominguez (Uruguay rep.) will simultaneously translate between English and Spanish, and Flor Roura (Mexico rep.) will provide the technical wizardry to make this all happen.

Topic: IES Webinar 26/01
Time: Jan 26, 2021 06:00 PM Brussels
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Meeting ID: 886 6653 0666
Passcode: 063948

For future Conversations, we will attempt to include similar geographically diverse representatives. All members from all countries are invited to offer suggestions, questions, or topics to explore together for future Conversations. What topics in ecopsychology do you want to explore, hear diverse perspectives on, learn more about, or gain allies around? What questions do you have about how ecopsychology is being met or applied in different places?

Please use the link below to register your suggestions:

Thank you so much for your participation and contributions to this rich exchange. We are happy to have you in our IES community! Together, we can move a stone in the river.

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Zselyke Molnos
Having degrees in biology, ecology and psychology and working with ecopsychology since 2013, I'm the author of the book The Ecopsychological Paradigm and the founder and leader of the Ecopsychology Institute in Hungary. We've organised with our partners more than 70 ecopsychology events (workshops, presentations, forest bathing events, interviews and talks) and 5 Ecopsychology Conferences by now on themes like animal assisted therapies, forest bathing, the ecological self, the ecological paradigm and the perspectives of using ecopsychology in nature conservation.