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Hi, my name is Stefania Balzarotti, I live on Lake Como and I am a Green Coach. Nature has always been my ally. It taught me resilience, made me discover systems vision and understand how it is possible to nurture my biophilia. So I trained at the Italian school of Ecopsychology, attending in presence, often in a forest, and always using nature as a metaphor for a path of personal growth. With my project COLTIVIAMOCI! I sowed some seeds and I expect to see human blooms born, which are based on those ecological relationships that nature lives on if we observe it closely. Let's cultivate! For me it means RECONNECTING with nature and training ecological relationships with all the inhabitants of the Earth. SOW other ways of seeing, inspire new ideas, stimulate and motivate the action of good practices. CELEBRATE to strengthen the emotional bond with Nature. Facebook and IG Coltiviamoci!