Art and Science of Ecotuning

An introduction to Applied Ecopsychology

August 11th –16th, 2018 – Corni di Canzo (Como), Italy

Practices of exploration of ourselves and of the world to reconnect to our deepest roots, to rise up towards the highest peaks. Ecopsychology is a promoter of self-fulfillment at the service of life, it wants us to discover and use our personal, individual and collective power.

Contact with nature and wildlife helps us to find the connection with the deepest parts, often forgotten, of our being. Contact with our most authentic core, with our soul, allows us to recover a sense of partnership, often forgotten, with the whole Creation.

A 5 days seminar with playful and joyful practices of reconnection with oneself, with others, and with nature. A practical introduction to Ecopsychology

“Primalpe”, an old stone farmhouse, in the heart of the Lombard Prealps, in northern Italy – set in the woods like a gem in a jewel – will be the venue for the international seminar organized in collaboration between Ecopsiché, the first Italian School of Ecopsychology, and the Greek Hellenic Ecopsychology Society.

New photo by “Ecopsiché – Scuola di Ecopsicologia”


The seminar will offer the theoretical elements of introduction to Ecopsychology and some basic practices of Ecotuning, the art of Applied Ecopsychology.

The Ecotuning practices are suitable to be adapted to different fields, integrating the knowledge and skills of the basic professionalism of those who propose them.

We will work in the woods, with trees, meadows and sky, in the company of nocturnal animals and the scent of the earth. We will enjoy the starry sky, discover the charm of night walks, we will live toghether and experience where the laws of ecological relatonships will guide us to share those days together.

The seminar is recognized by the International Ecopsychology Society – IES and, then, by all the IES Schools that are part of the international association. It is valid, for two years, as an IES Training module. The entire training path – which allows you to acquire the title of Ecotuner and to register in the “International Register of Ecotuner” (Iroe) – can be completed in Italy, Spain, Greece, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

 Summer School flyer with the whole program

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Italian psychologist, supervisor counselor and journalist. Promotes Ecopsychology in Italy since 1996. She studied with a direct student of Roberto Assagioli and works in training for personal growth in the professional and business. She completed her education with seminars and vocational retraining in California, Holland and Spain, with some of the most important figures in this field: Fritjof Capra, Joanna Macy, Molly Young Brown and Anna Halprin. She teaches Ecopsychology at the University of Valle D'Aosta (Univda), together with the ecologist Giuseppe Barbiero and Stefania Pinna. She founded in 2004 and heads in Osnago (Lc), “Ecopsiché”, the Italian School of Ecopsychology, that combines personal awareness and environmental ethics. The School offers training and refresher courses for professionals in the world of psychology and education, training group leadership and personal growth “in nature, with nature, for nature.” She is co-founder of the International Ecopsychology Society (IES), member of the Elders Circle and has been the president from 2009 to 2012.