USA co-representative Tina Fields and Australia rep Geoff Berry are two of the signatories on the International Scholars Warning on Societal Disruption and Collapse, initiated by Dr. Jem Bendell of the University of Cumbria, U.K.. More than 500 scholars and scientists from over 30 countries have signed their concern in this public letter.

A few were also invited speakers for a ~5 minute video of the statement.  Dr. Fields appears 1:07 minutes in.

The International Scholars Warning “is a stark warning about the possibilities of societal disruption and event collapse. These subjects can no longer be avoided in ‘polite conversation’ with the pretense of not wanting to upset people. What you don’t discuss, you don’t understand, and if it is a possible reality we may all need to face, then it is imperative that we allow ourselves to enter into it in conversation.”

You can engage further at

Jem Bendell’s blog post about the initiative, including further resources to draw upon: Let us hail over 500 scientists and scholars for their courage on societal disruption and collapse

You can engage further at and Let us hail over 500 scientists and scholars for their courage on societal disruption and collapse

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