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Geoff works creatively with myth, which Australian Aboriginals know as the Dreaming, an ecospiritual realm that is always alive and accessible to human consciousness (although not easily!). He is a Zen practitioner who maintains a keen interest in indigenous ecological and mythic knowledge and new scientific paradigms that underpin education in holistic and transpersonal training modalities and therapies. Geoff received his PhD from Monash University (2010) for a thesis that explored the meaning of light from an ecomythic perspective. His MA from Deakin University (2005) explored literary and shamanic underworld journeys as metaphors for our deep inner lives. He spent 2012 on an EU-funded postdoctoral trip to Ireland, France and the UK to research the utopian imaginary in relation to ecological concerns. Geoff now lives on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales, where he offers workshops, retreats and individual experiences in deep listening and other forms of ecotherapy. His latest production was Episode 1 of the world's first ever ecomythic documentary series, City Living, Nature Calling (available freely at, where you can also find his other offerings and blog.

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