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2017 Conference – IES Uruguay

A List of accredited IES members, inscribed in the Ecotuner Registers (IRoE), for the current year.

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IES Rule
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Avatar First name Last name IES Rule Nation Website
Daniela Ferdeghini Ecotuner - Green Coach Italy
Tina Fields Ecotuner - Charter USA
MONIA GALLONI Ecotuner Italy
Isa Gama Ecotuner Italy
Bruno Gentili Ecotuner Italy
Patrice Gonzalez Ecotuner USA
Zahra Indigo Rønlov Ecotuner USA
Janis Joan Diaz Martinez Ecotuner Puerto Rico
Lizabeth Kashinsky Ecotuner USA
Chitra Lakhera Charter India
Audrey LaRue Ecotuner USA
Veronica Leotta Ecotuner Italy work in progress...
Mario Lorenzetti Ecotuner Italy
Maria Magdalena Benquet Ecotuner Uruguay
Andrea Marais-Potgieter Charter South Africa
Francesca Marchegiano Green Coach Italy
Davide Marrè Ecotuner Italy
Belén Martín Serrano Ecotuner Spain
Estuardo Martín Yacolca Melliz Charter Peru /
Giulia Marucchi Ecotuner Italy
Displaying 21–40 of 75  1 2 3 4

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