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2017 Conference – IES Uruguay

A List of accredited IES members, inscribed in the Ecotuner Registers (IRoE), for the current year.

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IES Rule
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Avatar First name Last name IES Rule Nation Website
Davide Marrè Ecotuner Italy
Estuardo Martín Yacolca Melliz Charter Peru /
Giampaolo Meloni Ecoally Italy
Alessandra Melucci Ecotuner Switzerland
Zselyke Molnos Charter - IES Board Hungary
Barbara Montanari Ecotuner Italy
Lia Naor Ecotuner - Charter Israel
Daniele Pagani Ecotuner Italy
Serena Palermiti Ecotuner Italy
Ximena Piastri Charter Uruguay
Valentina Piccarreta Ecoally - Charter Candidate Italy
Luisa Picenni Ecotuner, Green Coach Italy
Stefania Pinna Ecotuner - Green Coach Italy
Enrique Repiso Charter Spain
Emily Ribet Ecotuner USA
Marian Rios Charter - IES President 2023-2025 Colombia
Cláudia Rodrigues Charter Portugal
Renzo Rossin Ecotuner Italy
Ann Sterckx Charter - IES Board Belgium
Mark Stone Ecotuner New Zealand
Displaying 21–40 of 44  1 2 3

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