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Ana Claudia Judice Alleotti

Ana Claudia Judice Alleotti (CRP 12/6139) is a psychologist graduated from the USP (1989), in Brazil. She has a training in ecopsychology with the qualification of Ecotuner, certified by theItalian IES School Ecopsiché. Ecotuner and Green Trainer of the Italian School of Ecopsychology. Specialized in Jungian psychology and analytical psychotherapy at UNICAMP (1998), in Brazil. Specialized in Transpersonal Psychology at the Izen Institute / SPEI Faculty (2008). IES - International Ecopsychology Society accredited member. He founded and coordinates in Florianopolis "Pardes Ecopsicologia - Personal Growth Center". Since 1990 she has continued her career as a psychologist and psychotherapist, with clinical experience in monitoring the development and processes of human growth in various stages of life. For 8 years she worked as a judicial psychologist in São Paulo, acquiring skills in the field of childhood, youth and family. At his studio, he welcomes adults, children and teenagers.

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