EarthWise Education in Belgium was founded in 2014 by the ecopsychologist Ann Sterckx, with the purpose of training people in (Applied) Ecopsychology.

EarthWise Education believes that taking care of yourself, others, society and the earth are intertwined. By sharing this earthly wisdom and providing innovative frameworks & skills, we create together an ecological web that contributes to a sustainable world in a meaningful and energizing way. As a Learning Center for Ecopsychology and Connecting with Nature, we are curious to get to know you. Will you join us in building a more resilient, equal and sustainable society? Do you also want to further develop your professional skills in guiding people, in and with nature, in a scientifically substantiated way? Do you also want to dive into the inspiring world of ecopsychology?

EarthWise Education offers a IES training in Ecotuning, based on the standards of International Ecopsychology Society. The training lasts one year, so all seasons are interweaved into the training. The training is addressed to those who are engaged in humanitarian, healthcare, or educational professions, professions related to the natural environment or to those who want to deepen their relationship with nature and to integrate it creatively into their lives and work.EarthWise Education aims to support and cultivate professionals who are committed to promoting human well-being with Self and the Planet.

IES training in EcoTuning is a course of personal and professional development that offers tools to familiarize trainees with their inherent nature, to educate ecological relationships and to broaden their personal and professional horizons.

IES Training group 2021

Program e
IES Training Credits

total hours
11 applied ecopsychology modules (webinars, reading, exercises, reflection) 80 40 10 5 135
10 x online gatherings (EarthWise circles) 15 15
Physical training all in nature
7 days Nature Learn & Practice Lab 10 20 20 50
5 days nature immersive retreat 8 8 30 40 50
3 days nature immersive retreat 6 9 9 24
3 days nature immersive nature retreat 6 9 9 24
4 days internship 32 32
2 days harvest (presentations) 16 16
Total hours
of training
(excluding project
and reports)
115 76 60 95 60 346

Theory of Ecopsychology
Personal growth
Experiential seminars in nature
Ecotuning and Art of Communication practice
Final Ecotuning Project

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