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The founders of the Hungarian Ecopsychology Institute, Zselyke Molnos and Attila Donáth, started their activities in the field of ecopsychology in 2015, and in 2016 they founded the background organization supporting it.

Within the framework of the Ecopsychology Institute, a number of lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, film clubs and Playback Theater events on ecopsychological themes were organized, as well as several professional days, on the following topics: animal-assisted therapies, forest bathing, the ecological self, nature conservation and ecopsychology, the paradigm shift.

Since 2021, Zselyke Molnos has been teaching theoretical and practical ecopsychological subjects at Eötvös Loránd University, of which the Institute of Ecopsychology has been one of the official training sites.

The first trainings of the Institute of Ecopsychology started in 2020, and after four years the first gathering for all actual and previous students have been organized at the lake Balaton. Since 2023 the trainings have been taking place in line with the Ecotuner training of IES schools.

To obtain the Ecotuner certification, 280 hours are required at the Hungarian IES school. The number of hours of the school’s long courses ranges from 150 to 230 hours. It is possible to obtain the Ecotuner qualification by supplementing the number of hours of a long training course (e.g. Participatory walks leader training or Ecopsychological counseller training) with shorter courses and workshops in the modules defined by the IES schools.

The specificity of the Hungarian Institute of Ecopsychology is that it places special emphasis on natural sciences and ecological literacy as an essential condition for ecological perception. Thus, the modules of Ecotuner (Theory of Ecopsychology, Personal growth, Experiential seminars in nature, Experiential seminars in nature, and Final Ecotuning Project) are supplemented by a sixth module, of 50 hours: Ecological literacy.

1st Nature-connection Facilitator Gathering, 2023, lake Balaton; photo credit: Anett Wierzicky


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