The Hellenic Ecopsychology Society in Greece was founded in 2007 by the psychologist-psychotherapist Kleio Apostolaki and in 2018 has been transformed into Hellenic Ecopsychology Society, Mental and Integrative Health in order to adjust a holistic view on the Ecopsychology perspective.

The Hellenic School is focused on Ecopsychology and offers a IES training in Ecotuning, based on the standards of International Ecopsychology Society. Is directed by Kleio Apostolaki who is also a certified adult trainer. The training lasts 1-2 years according to the needs of the prospect students and it takes place in Heraklion of Crete and Athens, in Greece.

It is addressed to those who are engaged in humanitarian professions and education, to those who have professions related to the natural environment and to those who want to deepen their relationship with nature and to integrate it creatively into their lives and work.
The School aims to support and cultivate professionals who are committed to promoting human well-being with Self and the Planet.

IES training in EcoTuning is a course of personal and professional development that offers tools to familiarize trainees with their inherent nature, to educate ecological relationships and to broaden their personal and professional horizons.

Program e
IES Training Credits

total hours
Total hours
of training
((excluding project
and reports)

Theory of Ecopsychology
Personal growth
Experiential seminars in nature
Ecotuning and Art of Communication practice
Final Ecotuning Project

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