EES Conference – ITALY, Val Masino 2011

Nature Within and Nature Without

September 15th -18th 2011
Val  Masino – Valtellina (So) – Lombardia, ITALY

The applications of Ecopsychology and the different international experiences, in progress,
in the educational, recreational and personal growth fields.
Ecopsychology exercises outdoors, in meadows and woods, in hot thermal water.
Day walk and night walk – Collective final land art


Collective events
● Circle of opening and aggregation in the tribe
● The principles of Ecopsychology
● Ecopsychology in action – thematic circles
● “Concert of Sitar”, Classical Music of Northern India – with Guido Schiraldi
● Ritual of the autumn equinox
● Percussions, drums and rhythms – with Domenico Iacovelli
● Night walk
● Closing ritual

Ecopsychology in the world and activities of EES Charters:
Teresita Dominguez – Uruguay
Cleo Apostolaki – Greece
Enrique Repiso and Luz Gredos – Spain
Flor Yolanda Roura Morales – Mexico
Jorge Conesa Sevilla – USA
Marcella Danon – Italy

● In the soul of water – Italo Bertolasi
● The interior fire – yoga – Chiara Repetto
● Between earth and air … good morning to Nature – walk with Gabriella Patriarca
● Meditating to meet the Earth – Chiara Repetto
● The elder self and the wild self – Mario Lorenzetti and Marcella Danon
● The cycles of personal life – Renzo Rossin
● The contribution of native traditions to contemporary man – Teresita Dominguez
● Animus and Soul, paradigms of masculine and feminine – Stefano Dini
● Ecotuning: Greeting to the genius loci – Marcella Danon
● Nature that heals – Enrique Repiso and Luz Gredos
● Mother Water and Body Ecology – Italo Bertolasi
● Spirals, labyrinths and sacred geometry – Bruno Gentili
● Haiku Laboratory – Silvia Gualandi
● The drums path – Domenico Iacovelli

Music together with dìdjeridoo and percussion
Sitar by Guido Schiraldi
vegetarian cuisine


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