We are facing a deep social and planetary crisis where nothing is more urgent and relegated than taking care of ourselves. The need is felt by a growing number of people, but it is still considered a luxury that can be postponed. We run to fulfill the mandate to be productive beings, and thus to be part of the chain of supply and demand for goods, in short, to be part of the current moral conscience.

Although it may seem like childish reasoning, the situation we live in society is made up of individual attitudes, and it is the individuals who guide the direction in which the consumer’s interest points. The equation used by the corporate world is very simple: the more personal dissatisfaction, the greater the consumption of goods imposed through the increasingly sophisticated mass advertising. For this reason, the only effective antidote to this mass advertising inoculation, which leads the current human being to blindly consume (with the environmental consequences that the production of these goods generates) is the satisfaction and enjoyment of life.

All human beings are born connected with our inner wisdom in an oceanic state, that is indiscriminate. To become adults adapted to this culture we must go through a process of socialization that is often very hard, which leads the person to raise powerful unconscious defense mechanisms, destined to preserve the integrity of the being in the face of the harshness of a culture that despises and abuses of vulnerability. These mechanisms last until adulthood, and in the same way that they protect the individual from external aggressions, they also prevent them from nourishing themselves and generating an interesting and creative life, worthy of being called LIFE. Defense mechanisms, being unconscious, go unnoticed at will and act, many times, despite the person.

When we have the opportunity to attend an activity in nature, it is easy for the experienced eye to observe the defenses placed on fears of the natural world that isolate the person from one of the most important nutrients for the human soul and that is within reach of all. A human being who is capable of being amazed at the processes of life as a small child does, returns to his daily life with a full soul, ventilated and clean thoughts, emotion on the surface and the ability to feel infinitely, with everything that life brings. This feeling is shared and expanded among those closest to us and encourages others to get closer to nature as well.

But how are we to approach nature if we are defended and do not realize it? Working on our defense mechanisms is vital if we want to be healthy human beings, part of the solution and not of the current problem.

Psych. Teresita Domínguez

IES Uruguay

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Psychologist, graduated Psychotherapist, post-graduated in psychotherapy for children, teenagers, adults and groups in Gestalt at the Centro Gestáltico de Montevideo, and Analytical Psychology at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Ecopsychologist since 2007 when she was recognized charter for EES in her country. She has been working in her private practice as a psychotherapist for 20 years at Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay. Director of the Centro de Ecopsicología del Uruguay. President of the European Ecopsychology Society (EES) until 2017. She dictates EES Training for Uruguay since 2011. Ethics teacher for psychologysts at the UNIFA (Uruguay). She has been leading ecopsychologycal retreats, seminars and workshops in nature since 2007, as well as native American ceremonies for women, general public and families. Author of the book “Así Como Adentro Afuera, la Ecopsicología”, and of several articles in magazines.