From Ecopsychology professional to Ecotuner

Seminar From Ego ta Eco, a Is Arenas, Sardegna – IES School Italy

If you want to give value to your journey as a as a professional of Ecopsychology obtaining an internationally recognized qualification of your activity, the International Ecopsychology Society gives you the opportunity to enter in the International Register of Ecotuner (Iroe) as it recognizes the value of the experience of professionals who have studied Ecopsychology and already apply it in various fields.

You only have to write a letter to the IES to narrate what you do and your goals, attaching your curriculum and specifying for each of the 5 sections of IES Training, what experiences / knowledge you have already acquired. The board of IES will evaluate your case, in order to recognize if you already have all the requisites required for an Ecotuner or if you need to integrate what you already know and do with an IES training, with individual modules and with participation at the first international conference scheduled.

From the moment of recognition you will be included in the international directory of professionals on the site of the association and you can use the qualification of Ecotuner in promoting your profession.

Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to one of the 4 IES representatives in your most familiar language.


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