From Ecopsychology professional to Ecotuner

Seminar From Ego ta Eco, a Is Arenas, Sardegna – IES School Italy

If you want to add value to your journey as an Ecopsychology professional by obtaining an internationally recognized certificate, the International Ecopsychology Society offers you this opportunity to join the International Register of Ecotuner (Iroe) as it recognizes the trajectory of professionals who have already been developing and applying Ecopsychology in various areas.

We ask you to contact us by writing to this contact link in your most familiar language. There you can present a letter narrating your purpose, resume and specifying for each of the 5 sections of IES Training, what experiences / knowledge you have already acquired. Next you will have an interview with the Charter (IES representative) of your country of residence to be able to deepen your interest in belonging to the IES.

With this information, the IES board of directors will evaluate your personal case, in order to determine if you already have all the necessary requisites required for an Ecotuner or if you need to integrate what you already know and do with an IES training, with specific modules and/or with participation in the first scheduled international congress.

From the moment of acceptance you will be able to enter the international directory of professionals on the website and practice as such in your usual area of ​​practice.


Are you interested in learning how to acquire an Ecotuner professional qualification in order to register with the International Ecotuner Register?

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